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Criminal Defense Attorney Update on New York Bail Reform

New York bail reform, bail reformAre you being charged with a criminal offense in New York? A criminal defense attorney can help you navigate this complex and stressful process. There are new laws in place that may greatly impact your situation. Beginning in January 2020, new bail reform protocols begin: Judges can no longer set cash bail for most misdemeanor and nonviolent felony arrests, including criminally negligent homicide and unlawful imprisonment. These bail reforms mean that individuals accused of these crimes are provided an appearance ticket and expected to return for their next court date. This bail reform in New York will prevent many people from sitting and waiting in jail unnecessarily.

Here are several facts you and your criminal defense attorney need to know about the new changes:

Bail Isn’t Completely Eliminated

It’s important to realize that the bail process in New York has not been completely eliminated. Judges can still set bail for certain case types.

Multiple Forms of Bail Accepted

The new laws also require that multiple forms of bail be set. This means defendants can now pay with a credit card or get a family member to help with payments.

Changes Are Not Retroactive

These changes are not retroactive. Any cases brought to court in New York before January 2020 will be processed according to previous bail requirements.

Trial Deadlines and Evidence Also Impacted

The new laws impact more than just bail requirements. There are also changes regarding the enforcement of trial deadlines and the sharing of evidence. Talk to your criminal defense attorney for more information about how these New York reforms can impact you and your case.

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