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Facing criminal charges is a frightening experience. Even if you think you've done nothing wrong, trying to talk your way out of a difficult situation with the police can only make things worse. Whether you are accused of drunk driving, fraud or smuggling illegal aliens, talk to a skilled New York criminal defense attorney immediately.

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CDL Violations in Troy? You Need a Traffic Ticket Lawyer

traffic ticket lawyer troyWhile no one enjoys the experience of getting pulled over and ticketed by a police officer or state trooper, there’s an added level of stress and anxiety that accompanies it when you’re a CDL driver. Fortunately, a traffic ticket lawyer helps people in similar situations every day. See why hiring one to help you defend yourself is a wise move.

CDL Laws Are Complicated

Commercial driver’s licenses are governed by layers of state and federal laws. The penalties for violations include not only points on your license but a suspension and fines. It’s possible that there’s a procedural error on the part of law enforcement that could make a big difference in your defense. An experienced lawyer will be able to spot it more quickly than you will.

The Stakes for CDL Drivers Are Higher

People who are licensed to drive trucks and other large vehicles have greater responsibilities than typical passenger car drivers. Even a small mistake or a moment of poor judgment on the road may have serious, or even deadly, consequences. There’s no room for error in going to court to resolve your ticket because you could lose your license.

Your Attorney is A Legal Expert

As much as you know about safely driving a commercial vehicle, your lawyer knows about traffic laws. Defending yourself against a traffic ticket that could result in the loss of your career requires highly-qualified assistance from someone trained in the law and confident in their knowledge of how the legal system functions. 

Traffic Ticket Lawyer Serving Drivers in Troy

The Law Offices of Mark J. Sacco have years of experience in serving clients who are under investigation or charged with state and federal crimes. Attorneys in our practice specialize in domestic violence, immigration, DWI, traffic, unemployment fraud, drugs, sex and white collar offenses, and legal assistance for doctors. When you receive a traffic ticket that threatens your CDL license, contact us to obtain the services of a highly regarded traffic ticket lawyer.

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