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Civil Confinement

Civil Confinement Lawyer in New York

If you were convicted of a sex crime in New York, served your sentence and paid your penalties, you may have hoped to move on with your life — only to find this impossible due to New York’s civil confinement law. Tougher laws for dealing with sex offenders have been extended to life after completion of official prison sentences, by way of civil confinement.

Governor Eliot Spitzer signed into law a civil confinement law that allows ongoing imprisonment of sex offenders in “civil confinement” situations following completion of prison sentences. A sex offender may be subjected to civil confinement if he or she is deemed to be suffering from a mental disorder.

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Are you or is your loved one in danger of losing your freedom or any chance at rehabilitation because civil confinement is in the cards for you after you have finished your prison sentence? Aggressive defense at every stage of your sex crime case can help protect your rights and your freedoms.

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Learn how our New York lawyers can help ensure that a person accused of a sex crime, a suspect who has been convicted or a released prisoner’s constitutional rights are protected through all phases of a sex crime case, both before a conviction and after a trial and prison sentence.

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