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Facing criminal charges is a frightening experience. Even if you think you've done nothing wrong, trying to talk your way out of a difficult situation with the police can only make things worse. Whether you are accused of drunk driving, fraud or smuggling illegal aliens, talk to a skilled New York criminal defense attorney immediately.

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Immigration Documentation Fraud

Immigration Documentation Fraud Lawyer in New York

If you have reason to believe that you’re under investigation for any immigration documentation fraud by way of visa, permanent residency, asylum or citizenship, seek the advice of a lawyer. Initial consultations at the Law Office of Mark Sacco are free and confidential. Attorney Sacco is prepared to evaluate your situation and make preliminary recommendations.

Charged With Immigration Documentation Fraud in New York? 

Ways in which many immigrants to the U.S. engage in immigration documentation fraud include the following:

  • They forge, counterfeit, alter or falsely make documents for the purpose of satisfying U.S. immigration requirements.
  • They use, attempt to use, possess, obtain or accept forged, counterfeit, altered, or falsely made documents for the purpose of satisfying U.S. immigration laws.
  • They falsify age, birth and name data.
  • They forge, counterfeit, alter or use falsified non immigrant visas, permits, border crossing cards and alien registration receipt cards.
  • They impersonate other people in order to evade immigration laws or apply for immigrant or non immigrant visas, permits, or other documents required for entry into the United States.
  • They make false statements under oath in proceedings related to naturalization, citizenship, or registry of aliens.
  • They knowingly use falsified certificates of arrival, declarations of intention, certificates of naturalization, certificates of citizenship or other documentary evidence of naturalization or of citizenship.
  • They make false statements or claim that they are, or at any time have been, citizens or nationals of the United States, with the intent to obtain, for themselves or others, any federal or state benefit or service, or to engage unlawfully in employment in the United States.
  • They enter into sham marriages (marriage fraud) for the purpose of obtaining legal permanent residency fraudulently.

Talk to An Experienced Immigration Defense Attorney

Protect yourself from a criminal record, from prison, from deportation and from a permanent ban from the U.S. Immigration documentation fraud charges may do more than put your immigration plans (visa status, permanent residency or citizenship) at risk. You may have to serve time in prison if you’re convicted. You may be banned from re-entering the United States. Don’t take chances. Talk to an immigration document fraud defense attorney.

The Most Important Piece of Legal Advice You Can Receive

The most important piece of legal advice you can receive when facing immigration documentation fraud charges  is not to talk to law enforcement officers on your own. You need a lawyer to analyze the facts and implement an intelligent defense strategy based on your individual circumstances. Trying to explain your way out of trouble is almost guaranteed to bring about more trouble. To schedule a consultation to discuss your criminal defense matter, call our law office in New York or contact us online.

Immigration Documentation Fraud Charges May Do More Than Put Your Immigration Plans At Risk – Call Today

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