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Facing criminal charges is a frightening experience. Even if you think you've done nothing wrong, trying to talk your way out of a difficult situation with the police can only make things worse. Whether you are accused of drunk driving, fraud or smuggling illegal aliens, talk to a skilled New York criminal defense attorney immediately.

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Internet Crimes

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If you are accused of using the Internet in the commission of a crime, there is a high probability you could face federal felony charges. Many attorneys who handle basic criminal defense are not admitted to practice in federal court; some who are have had limited experience dealing with highly skilled federal prosecutors and this venue’s specific rules of evidence and procedure.

Illegal Pornography — Solicitation or Harassment — Internet Fraud

Internet crimes can involve possession or distribution of child pornography, illegal solicitation for sex, harassment or stalking, online scams or an array of financial offenses such as credit card fraud and identity theft.

All of these can carry serious consequences including prison time, depending on specific circumstances. For vigorous, resourceful and aggressive defense, contact our law firm today at our offices in Albany or Schenectady.

Vigorous, Resourceful Case-Building to Protect Your Freedom

Our justice system is still grappling with the Internet’s penetration of people’s lives and its potential uses for illegal activity. Laws and penalties are still evolving, and a resourceful defense attorney such as Mark J. Sacco is capable of finding vulnerabilities that may be useful in your case. As in all areas of our criminal defense practice, we are committed to investigating and challenging:

  • The legality of any search and seizure
  • All potential violations of your constitutional rights
  • The quality and credibility of all evidence against you — including witness testimony and data found on your home or workplace computer

Dedicated to Proving Your Innocence or Minimizing Consequences

If you are innocent or have a strong defense case, our lawyers will identify an appropriate strategy and build an aggressive case for dismissal of charges or acquittal at trial. If the authorities have a strong case against you in an Internet crime case, we are well prepared to negotiate with prosecutors to minimize the consequences.

Our firm practices statewide in New York. To discuss your Internet crime charges or how to handle contact from government investigators, call 518-380-6005 or contact us online.