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Facing criminal charges is a frightening experience. Even if you think you've done nothing wrong, trying to talk your way out of a difficult situation with the police can only make things worse. Whether you are accused of drunk driving, fraud or smuggling illegal aliens, talk to a skilled New York criminal defense attorney immediately.

Aggressive New York Criminal Defense Attorneys

Violent Crimes

New York Violent Crimes Lawyer

New York Assault and Battery Attorney

If you have been arrested for homicide, assault and battery, domestic assault, rape, child abuse, weapons charges or another violent crime, the experienced criminal defense attorneys at our firm can help. The New York violent crime lawyers of the Law Office of Mark J. Sacco offer aggressive and experienced criminal defense services on behalf of clients facing criminal charges.

We are pleased to offer a consultation to discuss your case. To schedule an appointment, call us at 518-730-4976 or contact us online.

Experienced Trial Lawyers

The attorneys of the law office of Mark J. Sacco are experienced trial lawyers who will fight to protect your rights. In fact, attorney Mark J. Sacco was actually a prosecuting attorney from 2000 to 2003. He uses his experience as a prosecutor to quickly analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the state’s case against you.

If the state does not have the evidence to convict, our attorneys will not hesitate to take your case to trial to seek a not-guilty verdict on your behalf. Even in cases in which the prosecution has strong evidence, we provide a vigorous defense. We conduct a thorough investigation of the facts of each client’s case, leaving no stone unturned in our efforts to seek the best possible results.

State and Federal Charges

In addition to handling state charges, we handle federal charges. We are also pleased to assist members of the armed services facing charges in a military court. We have extensive experience with cases involving allegations of a violent crime, including murder/homicide, attempted murder/homicide, conspiracies, sexual assault, domestic violence, gang assaulthate crimes, and gun crimes.

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