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Facing criminal charges is a frightening experience. Even if you think you've done nothing wrong, trying to talk your way out of a difficult situation with the police can only make things worse. Whether you are accused of drunk driving, fraud or smuggling illegal aliens, talk to a skilled New York criminal defense attorney immediately.

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Vehicular Homicide

New York Vehicular Homicide Defense Attorney

If you’ve been charged with vehicular homicide, you’re facing serious charges with the possibility of significant jail time. Protect your rights by retaining experienced New York vehicular homicide defense attorneys.  We’re dedicated to finding the best possible outcome in your situation, and we make every effort to fight the allegations against you.

At the Law Offices of Mark J. Sacco every defendant has the right to a vigorous and aggressive defense.  Our New York Vehicular Homicide Defense Attorneys represent clients throughout New York.  Contact us for a consultation and case evaluation to discuss your legal rights and options at 518-380-6005 or contact us online. We handle all DWI charges, including Underage DWI, Misdemeanor DWI, Aggravated DUI, and Felony DUI and Vehicular Assault.

We Provide Protection, not Judgment

Everyone deserves a second chance. We are criminal defense attorneys; we aren’t here to judge you, but to ensure you get the best defense possible. We conduct a thorough investigation of the facts to give each client a vigorous defense, and we prepare for each case as if it may go to trial.  If your case does go to trial, effectively cross-examining the state’s witnesses regarding all material allegations is key.  Our attorneys are intricately familiar with New York courts, New York Drunk Driving Laws and New York DWI Penalties.

Penalties in New York for Vehicular Homicide

Articles 70 and 80 of the New York Penal Law provide the sentencing guidelines for the maximum penalties a convicted criminal vehicular offender can receive. However, the length of imprisonment and/or fines may vary depending on the severity of the offense, whether the offender was a juvenile, youthful offender or persistent felony offender, and the number of prior convictions the offender has. To schedule your consultation, contact us online or call us at 518-380-6005.  Our areas of expertise extend to include CDL Violations, Ignition Interlock Device law and Chemical Test Refusal law.

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